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  • Established In: 2003
  • Executive Committee 2008/09
  • Post Ex-Co Background Email
    President Beatrice Li Year 1
    Vice-President (Education) Kobe Wang Year 1
    Vice-President (Public Relations) Candy Liu Year 1
    Vice-President (Public Relations) Margaret Yang Year 1
    Vice-President (Membership) Elaine Jia Year 1
    Vice-President (Membership) Emma Wu Year 1
    Treasurer Pixie Yao Year 1
    Immediate Past President Brutal Xiao Year 2
    Graduate (Coordinator) Tony Cheng Graduate

  • Executive Committee 2007/08
  • Post Ex-Co Background Email
    President Brutal Xu Year 1 ...
    Vice-President (Education) Carol Year 2 ...
    Vice-President (Public Relations) Zhou Year 1 ...
    Treasurer Robbie Year 1 ...
    Immediate Past President Cherry Yang Year 2 ...
    Graduate (Coordinator) Tony Cheng Graduate

  • Executive Committee 2006/07

  • Post Ex-Co Background Email
    President Cherry Yang Year 1 ...
    Vice-President (Education) Eva Tang Year 1 in Marketing ...
    Vice-President (Membership) Candy Pan Year 1 in Finance & Accounting ...
    Graduate (Coordinator) Tony Cheng Graduate
    Graduate (Coordinator) Jim Zhu Graduate, Financial Services ...

  • SAO Officers:
  • Shoushan Lui 2766-5410

Our Meeting Agenda
    Date Title Theme Location Agenda Map
    [26.04.2006] 6th, Last Meeting of the Semester Sense Room Y503 [doc] [map]
    [07.04.2006] 5th, Joint Meeting with HKU Campus Toastmasters Club HAP Room P309 [doc] [map]
    [24.03.2006] 4th, Joint Meeting with PolyU Film Society NA ChiangChen NA [map]
    [15.03.2006] 3rd Meeting Past, Now & Future Room W210 [doc] [map]
    [28.02.2006] 2nd Meeting Good Relationship Room W210 [doc] [map]
    [13.02.2006] 1st, Orientation Night NA Room HJ210 [doc] [map]

  • [22.11.2005] 7th Meeting, Room QR514 [doc] [map]
  • [10.11.2005] 6th Meeting, PolyU Student Hall [doc] [map]
  • [03.11.2005] 5th Meeting, Room CD309 [doc]
  • [28.10.2005] 4th Meeting, Room HJ202 [doc]
  • [17.10.2005] 3rd Meeting [doc]
  • [06.10.2005] 2nd Meeting
  • [28.09.2005] 1st Meeting
  • [22.09.2005] Orientation Night

Toastmastering Journal

Date Content
21/09/2007 1st Meeting 2007
So many people joined the first meeting: Camellia, Lee, Zhou, Sisi, Robbie, Elaine, Aya, Rainbow, Carol, Charlie, Tony, Michael, Brutal, RobbieZhan, Samuel, Jennifer, Zhan

29/11/2006 Last Meeting 2006 - Letter to PolyU TM Club

As long as you and me believe that Toastmasters is something good for us, our friends and people around us, go ahead and keep the club rolling.

" The bridge between people is Toastmaster, which is something we didn't master! "

If you have the same idea with me about Toastmaster, let's continue in the coming Semester(s)!

23/11/2006 1st Joint Meeting with UST Toastmasters Club
Such a wonderful night.

As usual, joint meeting let us know more friends... Quite happy to see the sweet faces... in particular KiKi and her buddies from UST,
They are Shirley, Jack, Ricky, Max, Matthew, Joyce, Flower & Jake.

-by Tony photo PolyU Toastmasters

26/04/2006 Last meeting of the Semester
I joined this Club about one year ago. I have been chosen to give an unprepared speech. Also I have been a MC of the Table Topic session for 4 times. From the activities, I felt I was more confident and learnt to catch people's attention. But I am still not brave enough to be an ice-breaker or the Toastmaster. I hope I will have a chance later. In the end, good luck to everyone in this club.
-by Cherry, Table Topic Master #1

This is my second time to join the club meeting. The first time is Cherry who asked me to come. And after that, I felt that I fell in love with this club. So I said,"Hey! I want to be the MC next time." That's why I am here to share with you. Being an MC is more than a challenge for me. It is an EXCITING thing since I am a ruler of the whole stage. Such experience enable me to practice public speak standing in front of audients. But, what I like most is the friendly atmosphere in the room. That comforts me quite a lot since I am a little bit nervous. I'm happy to have Cherry as my partner. Also, I want to say, "I love you, toastmasters club."
-by Candy, Table Topic Master #2

07/04/2006 Joint meeting with HKU Campus Toastmasters Club
The joint meeting was a great opportunity for the young people from the two universities to meet new friends and improve public speaking skills in English language. Hope the new comers to this club found the night fun and worthwhile of the time spent, and it was my special hope that the table topic session has given the speakers some challenge in terms of quickness in thoughts and braveness to express their ideas in English. Personally quite impressed with the general evaluation given by Doreen, full of sincerity in the delivery and helpful suggestion. Finally, thanks to all committee members to arrange the activity.
-by Laura, Table Topic Master of the night
photo PolyU Toastmasters photo PolyU Toastmasters
Back: David Chen, David Chan, Doreen, Michael, Ken, Mamta, Cherry, Eva, Candy, Jane, Victor, Tim
Front: Jim, Tony/Karen, Novem, Florence, Elaine, Judy, Fairy, Laura

28/02/2006 2nd Meeting 2006
I really enjoyed the TME! Frankly speaking, I am very proud to say that being the MC not only enables me to practise public speaking in front of my audience, but also enhances my degree of involvement. Participation is of great importance for every Toastmaster member. I regard this as a feeling of existence. I admit that I really made a lot of mistakes. But I believe that everyone has his/her first time. Failure is always the mother of success! I would like to say a few words to all of my dear Toastmaster friends : "All of you should know why you join Toastmaster. Always be active to participate! "
-by Winnie, Toastmaster of the Evening (TME)

I thought toastmaster club was like a kind of gathering with casual talks and sharing; I thought two hours was just enough for several funny games and I thought... But finally, I found it was not the truth! To be a surprise, there were well organized schedule and various programs. Each section was counted by minutes and most participants got their minutes giving speech. I myself got an exciting chance of giving 2 minutes speech on one table topic. Moreover, after all the speeches, we were given evaluation which turned out very helpful to discover our strengths and weaknesses and to obtain suggestions on improvement. I especially like the positive atmosphere. Glad to meet Toastmasters!
-by Fairy, The Best Table-Topic Speaker of the night

13/02/2006 Orientation Night 2006
For the new semester, we had an orientation to welcome new friends. We had a game to practise 'facial expression', a Table Topic Session held by Elaine, and laughter throughout the night. Here are the names of our pretty Snow White(s) and Prince of Charming(s):
Benson, David, Cherry, Clara, Edith, Eva, Faline, Jane, Keith, Kingman, Li, Ruth, Sandy, Sisi, Tina, Winnie, Yan
Welcome You All ^_^
-by Tony

It was really exciting and unforgettable that night. We first was introduced a very interesting game by Tony, in which we needed to move a piece of biscuit from our foreheads into our mouths simply by our facial expressions. Haa... Fun but not easy. Then there came the wonderful speech on Laughers. And it did make all of us burst into laughter. Well, the moment the toastmaster Elaine spoke out the table topics, i knew the chances for practicing speaking in the public came. Heart beating violently as Elaine threw out the topics one after another. 'Be brave and just try.' I said to myself. I raised my hand, steped on the stage and delivered a speech in my heart beat. To my greatest surprise, I won the Best Table Topic Speaker of that night. Wow...Why not give it a try, guys!
-by Eva, The Best Table-Topic Speaker of the night

10/11/2005 6th Meeting - Theme: "The Power Of ..."
Fellow Toastmasters,
I have had a unforgettable night on 10 Nov 2005(6th regular Toastmasters meeting as well as my birthday). Though the number of attendees was not very large, I really wanted to thank all of you there for bringing me such a memorable birthday, especially Tony (VPPR). I still remembered it was the first time that the table topic speaker led everyone to sing the birthday song to me. I was so impressed. Throughout the night, I felt just like a "VIP". Thank you for all of your greetings.
It is my pleasure for me to be the Club President this year. I really enjoy every moment spending with all of you (our ExCo, members and honorable guests) in the meetings. Thank you very much for your support and appreciation. Let's try our best to work on the growth of our club.
-by Elaine Fong, President

28/10/2005 4th Meeting - Theme: "Choice"
Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.
- by William Jennings Bryan
I can resist anything but temptation.
- by Oscar Wilde
Table Topic:
"Choice is something that everyone has to make during his or her life all the time. ..."
More about Benson's TT Session: [txt]

17/10/2005 3rd Meeting - Theme: "Imagination"
This is the first time I delivered my speech in PolyU Toastmaster Club. The reason why I delivered my speech is because the guest, Karen, encouraged me to pick up the role of Table Topic Master in the previous meeting. As a Table Topic Master, my role are preparing six to seven questions and calling audiences to answer my questions. The most difficult part of being a Table Topic Master is how to link up the content of previous speaker with your next question. During my speech, I discovered that making a joke is very useful. This made the audiences not being bored. Also, Tony advised me not to read from the notes. I wish I can perform better in the next time.

P.S. Advantage of being a Table Topic Master
You can ask question whatever you like and call any person whoever you want. (i.e. It is a good tactic to call the person who call you answer the question last time.)
- by Stephen Chan

06/10/2005 2nd Meeting - Theme: "Again"
It is the first time for me to be the Table Topic Master. During the preparation of table topics, I was very worried that whether my questions would suit the theme and the taste of the audience. However, I am very glad to see that Beenz, Christina, Ella, Karen, Kwan, Kelvin and Tony, all gave excellent speeches. They shared their thoughts with us. For example, one would like to travel Montreal again, one wants to see his primary schoolmate again, one has made Accounting mistakes again and again and one wants to be herself if she can be reborn. They all gave interesting speeches which inspired us very much. It was a great time to be the Table Topic Master. I would like to thank them for their vivid speeches.

Table Topic Questions:
1. What kind of things will you do again?
2. Which place will you travel again?
3. Who do you want to meet again?
4. What kind of things won’t you do again?
5. What makes you smile again when you are unhappy?
6. What kind of mistakes have you made again and again?
7. Who do you want to be if you can be born again?
- by Wendy

28/9/2005 First Meeting of the New Academic Year
The first meeting went well and most of them were new members. I was glad that my secondary schoolmate, Kwan, would join the meeting on her own. Changes on her are encouraging as I felt she is getting more open-minded, more confident and having the courage to try and learn. I could not attend the meeting, but I could still tell some of the names in the following picture:
1st row: Kia, Benson, Curtis, (5th) Li, (6th) Jane
2nd row: (2nd) Aileen, Kwan, Edith, Elaine, Christina (behind Elaine), Rvth, Wendy, Jim
photo of 1st meeting
- by Tony

22/9/2005 Orientation Night
I went PolyU to join this orientation night. So many smiling faces I saw, in particular, Peary, a little girl of 7 yr-old. She is so cute and has talent for all things. She taught me on the cosmetic approaches by drawing picture on a white board and ... add eye-shadow, put on lipstick... all funny and interesting. Then she sang the Tele-tubbies song "Tinky Winky, Dipsy, LaLa and Po" to me. (^.^ haha...) Other new faces are: Li, Benson, Lawrance, Josephine(Perry's mother), Linda, Tavia, Liu Di (Christina), Jane...
- by Tony

10 Projects
Overview of the Communications and Leadership Manual

Upon becoming a member, each Toastmaster is provided with a copy of the Communications and Leadership Manual, also referred to as the "Basic Manual". This manual provides the new member with the following ten projects, designed to build a foundation of basic skills needed by public speakers and leaders in all walks of life:

  1. The Ice Breaker
    Every speaker must start somewhere, and the Ice Breaker speech provides the opportunity for new members to start by introducing themselves to the club. The objectives are to begin speaking before an audience and to provide the new member with some feedback about the things they do well and the areas that might need improvement.

  2. Speaking With Sincerity
    It is often easier to speak to others on a subject about which you hold strong convictions. The purpose of the second project is to convince the audience of your sincerity and convictions on a subject you thoroughly understand, and to confront and control any nervousness you may have.

  3. Organize Your Speech
    Virtually all good speeches are organized with a well defined opening, a fact-filled body, and a compelling close. This project teaches members the elements that combine to form a well structured speech, and provides experience in developing and delivering well organized speeches.

  4. Show What You Mean
    This project highlights the value of using gestures and body movements as an integral part of a speech. Members learn to channel their nervous energy into gestures and movements that add meaning to the speech and avoid distracting the audience from their message. They also learn to develop a sense of timing and natural smoothness that enhances their apparent confidence and makes them more compelling and interesting speakers.

  5. Vocal Variety
    Nothing kills a speech faster or puts an audience to sleep more effectively than a dull, monotonous drone. In this project members learn to explore the use of voice volume, pitch, rate and quality as assets to their speeches. These attriubutes allow the speaker to convey more information with fewer words, and to do so in a manner that makes the message stick with the audience longer.

  6. Work With Words
    Any language can be used carefully or carelessly. Good speakers learn to use the spoken word in a manner that conveys a precise meaning to the audience by selecting the best and most appropriate words, and eliminating words that have the potential to confuse.

  7. Apply Your Skills
    Up to this point, each project has been focused on building a single skill. In this project members begin to pull together all the skills that they have learned in the preceeding projects. This provides a means of strengthening the educational value of the projects by offering an opportunity to review the previous skills and incorporate them into a comprehensive package. Think of this as the project that allows the foundation to harden before building on that foundation.

  8. Make It Persuasive
    The ability to persuade is an essential element of leadership, and one that greatly enhances the effectiveness of any speaker. Members learn to achieve this persuasive effect by understanding their audience and appealing to the self-interest of the audience. They build a foundation for agreement and arouse emotional commitment for the cause being presented. Specific tips are provided that guide the member through the process of persuasion.

  9. Speak With Knowledge
    Nothing damages a speaker's credibility more effectively than the discovery that the speaker's facts were incorrect. In project 9 the member learns to gather accurate, up-to-date information on a subject in order to expand the understanding of the audience. The information is then presented to the audience in a well structured and lively manner that maintains audience interest.

  10. Inspire Your Audience
    Effective speakers must learn to gauge the mood and feelings of the audience and use those factors to inspire the audience on a particular occasion. There are often times when inspirational messages are the glue that holds groups together and gives them the conviction to move forward. In this, the last of the basic projects, the member learns how to bring an audience to a higher plane.

  11. Reference Site: HP Houston Toastmasters [ext]

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